We are a refreshing player in asset creation, partnership development, event production for our brand clients with a special expertise in Culture, Startups and Environment.

With extensive experience across marketing, media, events, digital, sponsorship having worked for global leaders like Hearst, CNN, ESPN, FOX, IMG and also launched new businesses in the communication industry.

Having operated in various locations in Europe, the UK, the Middle East and the US, we actually know what is means to be global. We are truly multi-cultural.

Unlike the others in this business, we are not claiming to be the Best, Boldest, Brightest, Biggest. We do not settle for Bs anyway.

We go for As. We are all about Access, Agility, Asset, Amour!

We work on collaborative projects that we feel passionate about, that we can have a measurable impact on. Projects that contribute to their communities and have a sustainable ecosystem.

We are

Culture / Startups / Environment

We do

Consulting / Sponsorships / Events

Creative / Sales / Execution

Concept / Strategy / Experience

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Jean-Philippe Amos


130 rue de Courcelles

75017 Paris


T:+33 6 22 05 69 95